Founder’s Story

Dr. Michelle Macrorie started working with Autism in the early 2000’s … the time when the Center for Disease Control was making a push for early Autism identification. This was all the nudge Dr. Michelle needed. Having focused her studies in pediatric and neuropsychology, she was already drawn to the field. She believed that if she provided an early diagnosis, she could change outcomes.

However, after Dr. Michelle had tested hundreds of children with autism, she found a problem. As soon as families received their diagnosis, they were left on their own wondering … What is next? Where do we go to get resources and more information? Seeing how lost parents were after receiving their child’s diagnosis inspired her to do more.

Dr. Michelle pledged to help families navigate their overwhelming time and in 2016 opened her first center … a children’s house providing a community for kids with Autism, their families, and providers.

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