Professional Development

Our Professional Development Track is designed not only to ensure therapists at Autism From The Start® provide the highest quality of services to every child in our care, but to also cultivate personal satisfaction for our therapists through their continual development of new skills and responsibilities.

From a technician’s first day at Autism From The Start®, training is a priority. New hirees begin employment with a four-week training program that covers a wide range of important topics including the foundations of autism spectrum disorder, the basics of the science of ABA, emergency procedures, communicating with children and caregivers, data collection, ethics, and many other important areas. Hirees spend time engaged in video learning modules, skills labs, didactic instruction, shadowing, and coaching from the Clinical Director and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

After technicians are working independently with children, training continues and will advance them through our three levels of development. This additional training focuses on more advanced and complex ABA concepts and procedures, child development, play skills, assessments, and more.

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Once technicians have been with us for one year, they may apply for our Intern Program. Interns are graduate students pursuing degrees in a behavioral science with the goal of becoming BCBAs. Our Intern Program includes BCBA supervision, direct ABA experience with clients, and indirect supplemental and enrichment activities.

BCBAs also participate in ongoing training and peer supervision. During weekly BCBA meetings, ABA program development, supervision, parent training, and much more are discussed. BCBAs also meet throughout the year when our center is closed to update and/or systematize our clinical procedures, complete continuing education activities, and engage in general professional development.

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