Parent Coaching

The parent is a child’s first and most influential teacher. Therefore, Autism From The Start® equips parents with practical tools that enable them to connect with their kids right away and contribute to their growth and success.

We begin parent education and support from their first point of contact. Our educational track equips parents with knowledge that advances with their child’s development through their graduation from our program.

Face-to-face weekly parent coaching, paired with learning opportunities and toolkits, help parents transition newly learned skills to the home environment. Parents learn to support their children fully outside of our center with skills to proactively prevent and diffuse challenges they may encounter.

We also connect each new set of caregivers to our community of parents so they know they’re not alone. Support Groups, Family Fun Days for siblings and grandparents, Parent Seminars, Lending Library, and our Parent Portal are additional elements that together, round out our Family Support Program.

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